Russian Cargo Craft to Launch near a space station

Press Release

A developing Russian freighter lifted of atop Soyuz rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan in the morning of December 6 at 4:35 EST (0934 GMT), 1434 local time at Baikonur, having 2.7 tons of basics such as food, propellants and other requirements heading to the orbiting laboratory.

The launch took place in less than a day following SPACE X’s Dragon capsule, starting its trip to the International Space Station as one of the CRS-19 tasks. Dragon is planned to land at the space station on a Sunday morning on December 8, and the Progress-74 will do the same on Monday 9, December.

Kenny Todd, the manager of the International Space Station operations at NASA, said that it is always full of fun about the cargo duties. He said this during a pre-sendoff press conference that took place on Tuesday, the third of December. He went on to add saying that those particular kinds of changing occasions are something that everyone anticipates since it is a chance to acquire new cargo, some new instruments onboard and also learn new science skills.


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