The Key Challenges for the SpaceX’s group Dragon Capsule is Abort Engines, Parachutes

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Standing tall in front of the Group Dragon spacecraft crawling with the super busy technicians, Jim Bridenstine, who serves as the NASA Administrator , went on to join Elon Musk, the Chief Executive Officer of SpaceX , and 2 NASA Space Explorers the last few days at the headquarter of the company to be able to discuss programming challenges of the SpaceX’s first-ever crewed flights to (ISS) International Space Station. This was the first-ever appearance of Bridenstine and Musk together since the 2 Space giants exchanged some critical comments. This was after Elon’s most recent appearance touting the objective of Starship Mars-colonization craft. 

At the same time, Jim Bridenstine went on to tweet congratulating SpaceX on its Starship progress. However, he went on to note that the Commercial Crew program was very much dramatic behind the schedule where he went ahead to add that it was time to be able to deliver. Despite the admonishment which appeared to be directed at both the Commercial Crew contractors for NASA, (Boeing, that is currently implementing a contract to build capsule by the name CST-100 Starliner) and SpaceX, Musk went ahead and said in an interview with CNN that Boeing delays on the giant Space for NASA (Space Launch System) rocket was far the larger problem. This snarky exchange appears  to have been forgotten now. These two were able to agree that the testing for Crew Dragon has been preceding Space.  

Among the tests which need to be performed before the Space explorers can be able to fly in Crew Dragon includes trials of capsule’s launch abort system as well as its parachutes. These two have encountered challenges during the recent past. Last April, the Crew Dragon blew up during the abort engine testing. However, this problem seems to have been fixed according to Musk. Musk went on to detail that they have added burst disk, which does relieve the pressure the fuel overpressure without it leaking. 

The new hardware does isolate the abort system from orbital maneuvering system. Musk went ahead to say that there was a valve that leaked was going to be replaced. It is important to say that this leak was the one that caused an explosion. He has said that Parachutes are perhaps more complex and they will take more time to be able to fix. In April, the Crew Dragon parachute test never went as planned. Despite one chute being crippled, the other remaining three never inflated successfully.  This is what resulted in critically hard landing which could have injured the crewmembers that could have been on board. 

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