Plastic Recycler is going to turn the Space Station Trash into a 3D Printing Stock 

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Commercial 3D printer aboard International Space Station is about to be more sustainable. Made In Space Company. Which is based in California is set to launch Plastic Recycler that is targeted towards orbiting lab next Saturday aboard the Northrop Grumman’s robotic spacecraft. This recycler is going to process waste plastic into the feedstock for the Additive Manufacturing Facility, 3D printer which is available for the commercial use. This recycler is going to complete plastic sustainability life cycle on the orbit by offering astronauts the ability to be able to convert the plastic packaging and trash and objects that was then fabricated by the 3D printer into the feedstock that can be reused by a printer. 

This new invention and technology are going to enhance sustainability and autonomy of the long-duration space mission while at the same time also helps to reduce cost as well as the weight of the payloads carried from the earth. In the year 2014, Made In Space company first got to launch the 3D printer to International Space Station, which was a collaboration with NASA agency. This Space agency is in charge of this Pioneering machine, but this company retains ownership of AMF, that was able to reach the orbit in the year 2016. Made In Space Agency has also been able to manufacture valuable optical fiber by the name ZBLAN aboard ISS multiple times using the machine that is microwave size which has gone up as well as down aboard the SpaceX’s Dragon cargo capsule. 

ZBLAN does have the potential to be way superior to the traditional optical fiber that is silica-based but it is quite difficult to be able to produce on Earth. A representative of the company does believe that making the ZBLAN in orbit can help begin Off-Earth manufacturing economy. Early ZBLAN is predicted to be promising and this company does have plans to be able to propel slightly huge ZBLAN producing machines in the coming year or so. Andrew Rush, who is the President as well as Chief Executive Officer of Made In Space company went on to say this during a press conference with the NASA leader, Jim Bridenstine in August. This company is going to send other gear up very soon as well and this is if all was to go as planned. NASA recently was able to award Made in Space over $73 million to be able to launch first test mission of the Archinaut, the Spacecraft which is equipped with ED printer and robotic arms. 


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