Pioneering NASA Asteroid Mission gets green light ahead of 2021 launch

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The first mission to be able to visit the mysterious swarm of the asteroids that do circle sun along the Jupiter’s path has cleared a very important obstacle on the way to the 2021 launch. Lucy Mission, NASA’s robotic, that is going to visit 6 Trojan asteroids before its operational life is over, went on and passed critical design review, commonly abbreviated as CDR on October 18th, agency officials went on to announce. During the 4 day CDR, the independent experts went on and assessed all the aspects of the Lucy’s design, hence deeming mission fit to be able to proceed to manufacturing process.

Hal Levison, who serves as the Lucy Principal investigator, who hails from Southwest Research Institute that is situated in Boulder, Colorado said that it was an exciting time for them as they are moving beyond design phase and they are really beginning the building of the spacecraft. She went on to add by saying that it was becoming real. Trojan Asteroid does orbit the sun in 2 major clumps, one ahead of the Jupiter as well as one behind gas giant. The scientist thinks these space rocks are the leftover relics from long ago the formation of outer planets so that they are eager to get close up looks. 

The primitive bodies do hold vital clues to the deciphering history of solar system as well as perhaps even origins of life and the organic material on Earth. This was written by the NASA officials in the Lucy mission description. If all does go according to plan, Lucy is set to be propelled in the year 2021 in October, zoom past earth twice for the ‘gravity assists’ and be able to fly by its asteroid in the year 2025. That rock, that is commonly known as Donaldjohanson, does lie in the main asteroid belt that is between Jupiter and Mars. 

Lucy is then going to fly by 4 Trojans in leading the swarm, with rendezvous that does occur in August 2027, April 2028, November 2028 and September 2027. Spacecraft’s orbit is going to bring Lucy back towards the sun as well as when it does head outwards again, it is going to be on the trajectory towards the trailing swarm. This probe is going to cruise past trailing swarm binary Trojan by March 2023, hence marking this mission’s grand finale. There is no other space mission that has visited so many destinations in an independent orbit. This is what was said by Lucy Mission team members.   

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