Contraceptives Market Identifies the Key Drivers of Growth, Demand and Challenges of the Key Industry Players

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Contraception is a method used to prevent pregnancy. Several contraceptives, such as hormonal drugs, physical barriers, and advanced contraceptive devices have been developed in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Contraceptives also help in preventing sexually transmitted infections. According to a report published by Guttmacher Institute, a non-profit organization working in advance sexual and reproductive health, 213.4 million pregnancies occurred across the globe in 2012, of which 40.0% were unintended. Also, high number of sexually transmitted infection is a major concern across the globe. According to the WHO, in 2013, 35.0 million people lived with HIV/AIDS and 1.5 million people died due to AIDS –related illness worldwide. The organization also reported that an estimated 500 million new curable sexually transmitted infections (including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and trichomoniasis only) occur across the globe each year.

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Some of the factors driving the growth of the global contraceptives market are increasing prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, high number of unwanted pregnancies and continuous advances in contraceptive technology. On the other hand, aging population, increasing infertility rate, and side effects of oral contraceptive drugs are some of the factors restraining the growth of the global contraceptives market to some extent.

Geographically, North America leads the global contraceptives market due to high awareness about contraception, high number of unwanted pregnancies, and increasing prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases among adolescents and young adults. In addition, inclusion of contraception in Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as preventive services to be provided without co-payment by patient further drives the growth of global contraceptives market in North America region. Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing region in the global contraceptives market. The major reasons for the fastest growth in the region are increasing prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, high unintended pregnancies, and improving healthcare infrastructure. Moreover, the contraceptives market is growing rapidly due to the several government supported programs for promoting contraception in emerging economies, such as India and China, of Asia-Pacific region.

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