NASA pays for the SpaceX’s Safety Review

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NASA paid $5 million to SpaceX so as to help this company to be able to do mandatory investigation of the workers after the Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk went on and smoked weed on a podcast; Joe Rogan Podcast previous years. This was according to the media report. At the same time, NASA went on and ordered Boeing, SpaceX’s competitor, to be able to complete some safety review and to also be able to foot the bill without the assistance from NASA. 

NASA administrator by the name Jim Bridenstine had ordered both Boeing and SpaceX to be able to complete safety review. This did include conducting employee education and ensuring that all federal contractors get to follow all the guidelines with regard to drug use. While the review was reported late last year, this report by NASA agency was footing this bill for SpaceX got to be disclosed, in Politico on October 16th. This was after the contractor’s records got to be reviewed. SpaceX, as well as Boeing, have been vying to be able to bring the astronauts to International Space Station on the Commercial spacecraft in the coming year or so. Politico went on further to report that while NASA agency freely gave the monetary assistance to the SpaceX, Boeing, that found itself into this situation only as a result Musk smoking some weed publicly didn’t get any help. 

Peter Garretson, a space strategist who recently retired as Air Force lieutenant colonel went on and told Politico that this incident does bring up some issues. He went on to add that as the taxpayer, why would one pay when they don’t have to. He questioned why Boeing was getting a punishment without some compensation. In other interviews with Politico, SpaceX as well as Boeing both went on and confirmed these reports. SpaceX has said that it has received some extra Money from NASA to be able to account for the additional work that is beyond the scope of this contract. This is while Boeing went on and confirmed that they had no extra funds. 

In their own statement, NASA has said that it is a common practice to be able to offer additional money for the work that is specified beyond original contract, but agency didn’t explain why only the SpaceX received these funds. After some discussions with Boeing, they decided that they were not going to push for contract modification to be able to carry out an assessment that is underway. This was said by the NASA spokesperson Joshua Finch.  

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