Google and NASA achieve Quantum Supremacy 

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Entering into a partnership with Google and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, NASA has achieved A Quantum supremacy- a milestone would have taken the supercomputers a million years to achieve. Even though quantum computing is still at its infancy, its achievements rockets the two parties forward. ( this is  according to Eugene Tu, director at NASA Ames Research). Fuelled by these innovations, they have a mission of coming to the Moon and Mars in the coming decades.

Quantum computing is the study of harnessing unique properties of quantum mechanics in order to solve a given problem(s) in a faster way rather than using traditional computers. If NASA could use these techniques one day to support space missions with the help of quantum optimization, the mission schedules would be more efficient. The quantum simulation helps in supporting the designing of light and robust materials used in modern spacecraft. 

According to Eleanor Rieffel and the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Lead at Ames, the team is proud to achieve one thin faster and this has been groundbreaking. 

This paper explains the entire experiments that are run by Google’s processor that main function is to demonstrate its supremacy. Calculations on a quantum computer are known as “quantum circuits.” The abstractions on these computer science work like programs mainly focusing on a galaxy of operations for the processor to function.

The test mainly involves using random circuits of quantum on processors and the traditional supercomputers. It is difficult to get results from a random quantum processor especially if a quantum processor is not involved. As the theory suggests, there may be impossibilities for the tasks beyond a given size, even on the largest supercomputer. Due to less number of atoms in the universe, one would need more units of data and this is as close as to get to an impossible task. 

Both quantum processor and supercomputer reached a point where they could not process random complex circuits, and this became a barest. Google quantum computer was able to process these circuits and giving out results, therefore, making it unique for doing something that no other machine could do. The results produced by the quantum computers were tested at Oak National Laboratory and they were found to match with those of summit.

A “quantum” is defined as the minimum amount of energy or matter needed to interact with something else. The mathematics behind how quantum mechanics works is consistent. This consistency has enabled computer scientists; physicists and engineers create computers with unique properties. These properties help in processing technology far beyond Google’s hardware. Scientists can now see what takes place beyond the limit of the supercomputers.

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