NASA receives ideas about its Moon Lander from Boeing

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Boeing proposed to NASA about the landing mission of astronauts to the moon in 2024. The proposal was delivered to NASA on Tuesday 5. As stated by Boeing representative, the moon lander will get experience from Boeing as being part of NASA, specifically the International Space Station, the megarocket of Space Launch System, and the Starliner Crew Capsule. The mission aims to take astronauts to the moon without any delays. The team has solutions with them that will help make the mission simple and at the same time giving safety and a direct path to the surface of the lunar. 

On September 30, NASA opened a platform for the commercial moon lander ideas where the companies were given a week to submit their ideas. The Artemis program of Space Agency aims to take at least two astronauts to the moon by 2024 by the use of an approach known as ‘Stepping Stone.’ The approach constitutes; constructing a Gateway Station near an orbit of lunar to depend on its own Orion crew capsule, making cargo ships and lunar lander for commercial use and vehicles that look like tug that will help move landers to and from low lunar orbit. 

The lander of Boeing is made in a way that it does not require a space tug to get from the Gateway to the moon. This type of modification is excellent since it will help in reducing launches and connecting easy steps to a successful landing. To eliminate the urge of an additional spacecraft, the Boeing can directly or indirectly dock with the Gateway Lunar Orbiter. 

The concept of Boeing moon lander relies on SLS of NASA, which is the current Orion Spacecraft mega-rocket choice. Block 1, an initial version of the rocket, will launch the Spacecraft of Orion, but NASA will require another rocket known as Block 1B since it has a high-powered variant and features a hefty exploration upper stage. This rocket will help in making the plans of landing the moon come true. Block 1B will also be used as the main ride for the moon lander of Boeing.

As we speak now, Boeing is constructing the first rocket known as Block 1. The upper stage of the rocket will use an interim that has less power. This is the first test where the rocket will fly the uncrewed Artemis around the moon alongside Orion. 

Maxar and Northrop Grumman companies play their role in the mission in that Maxar will help build an element for power and propulsion for the gateway of the moon while Grumman will construct the habitat of the station for the astronauts. 

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