Androgenetic Alopecia Therapeutics Analysis, Clinical Trials and Developments

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Androgenetic alopecia therapeutics currently exhibits a proliferating pipeline with 15+ therapeutic candidates.

Androgenetic alopecia is a genetic disorder of patterned hair loss that affects both men and women. The disorder shortens hair growth cycle due to excess of androgen, which eventually delays hair growth. Some of the major symptoms include gradual recession of frontal hairline, increased hair fall, bitemporal recession of hair, and thinning of the hair. The symptoms start appearing at the age of 20 and are seen to be prominent in people aged 40 years and above. The disorder leads to hair thinning near crown region, and maybe caused due to various genetic as well as environmental factors. The disorder can also occur due to hormonal imbalance, improper functioning of androgen hormones, poor diet, and excessive smoking.

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There are several companies which have shown positive results of clinical trials. For instance, in February 2019, Cassiopea SpA announced effective result of Phase II clinical trial of Breezula for treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

Samumed LLC, Brickell Biotech Inc., Aclaris Therapeutics Inc., Cassiopea S.p.A, Kerastem Technologies LLC, Almirall S.A., and RepliCel Life Sciences are the major players involved in the development of drug candidates for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

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