Japanese Encephalitis Therapeutics Analysis, Clinical Trials and Developments

Press Release

Japanese encephalitis therapeutics currently exhibits a proliferating pipeline with 10+ therapeutic candidates.

JE is a viral infection caused by the bite of Culex tritaeniorhynchus mosquito. The prevention from the mosquito bites is the key preventive measure for the disease. Most of the individuals suffering from JE do not show clinical symptoms; whereas, the individuals in whom the symptoms develop show signs of neurologic symptoms, weakness, and movement disorders after 10–15 days.

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Technical advancements in the JE therapeutics development are expected to trigger the growth of the JE therapeutics market. For instance, Intercell’s Antigen Identification Program identifies novel antigens from a variety of pathogens, which are believed to induce the strongest response from the human immune system; thus, providing a viable basis for the further potential development of novel and more powerful prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines and antibody treatments.

Indian Immunologicals Ltd., Abivax SA, Ennaid Therapeutics LLC, Biological E. Limited, Bharat Biotech Ltd., Valneva Scotland Ltd., Sanofi-aventis Groupe, and Kineta Inc. are some of the key players involved in the development of therapeutic drugs indicated for the treatment of JE.

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