Aviation Lubricant Market SWOT Analysis, Opportunities and Future Prospects 2018-2026

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Aviation lubricants are used to improve performance of the engine by reducing frictions between two surfaces, resulting in more kilometers from same amount of fuel. Aviation lubricants play a vital role in overall maintenance and conditioning of aircraft parts such as engine, turbine, airframe, and bearings.

Aviation Lubricant Market: Drivers and Restraints

Some of the key factors driving growth of the aviation lubricant market include increasing passenger traffic, aircraft orders, and military spending on aviation infrastructure. Increasing investments in defense by major global economies such as Russia, China and India, is expected to fuel the growth of aviation lubricant market in coming years. Moreover, increasing investments on space projects undertaken by research organizations such as Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Iranian Space Agency, Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), and China National Space Administration (CNSA) is anticipated to spur the growth of aviation lubricant market during the forecast period owing

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