Wild ‘Von Braun’ Space Hotel idea to be implemented by 2025

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A private company known as Gateway Foundation is planning on an orbiting ‘Space Hotel’ trip by 2025. As described on its website, the company has a plan of constructing ‘the first spaceport’ known as the Von Braun Rotating Space Station, which will have a mission of orbiting the earth. The Von Braun Spaceport mission entails accommodation of scientific researches and tourists who want to gain different skills of life as compared to those on planet earth. 

As the deadline of the project approaches, Space Construction Company Orbital Assembly will help in building the project by placing their funds. This will help accomplish the mission as early as 2025. 

As stated by Timothy Alatorre, the architect leader of the mission and the treasurer of the Gateway Foundation, the Von Braun station is made in a way that it can accommodate a total of 450 people. Its structure makes it a large structure ever made by human beings.

Wernher von Braun designed the ‘Von Braun’ idea. He got the design from a view of a rotating space station. The space station idea was inherited from other scientists and theorists; hence, it was not his idea. Over the last 50 years, Wernher has been watching science fiction, where he saw the efforts of human beings towards the starship dream culture. The people living in space had carried their day to day activities, i.e., carrying out businesses, building industries, etc. This also motivated him to place the idea on the table and getting worked on. 

The team partially implemented the concept of a rotating space station that uses artificial gravity to keep the comfort of the passengers. As compared to the old design, the new one is designed in a way that the areas of the stations will use artificial gravity and also make the passengers feel weightlessness while they are in space since the space station has large spaces on board. 

The purpose of this space station is;

(i) To build facilities such as restaurants, bars, sports to enable the passengers to take full activity on the station board since they will not feel any weight. 

(ii) To include programs such as arts, concerts, among others. These will help people on board take time in artistic work like writing songs, painting, among other forms of arts.

The officials of the Gateway foundation have confirmed that the mission will not be completed by 2025 so, the group is working effortlessly on the main structure and its essential functions. The officials also confirm that the main operation is expected to commence in 2025. 

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